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Automate Your Social Media

Marci Whitman


Marci Whitman

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You’ve taken the leap and now you are on Facebook and Twitter – wouldn’t it be great if you could schedule posts ahead of time?  You can.  Using Hoot Suite you can type one post (message) and have it post to multiple accounts.  Hoot Suite offers an all in one place to type your post, view the number of characters, add a photo, shorten a web address, schedule and track.  While I only use the tool to schedule posts, you can function 100% from the tool.

The next time you find yourself on hold, pull up Hoot Suite and start scheduling tips, suggestions, reminders, etc., to your fans and followers.  Look at scheduling one week out.  When your day is too busy and you simply can’t squeeze in a post you’ll always have one or two using this tool.

I make it a goal with Social Media that fans/followers will see two tips per day from me and if I can make it happen I post several additional times.

Action Step:
Go to
Create an account & link to Facebook & Twitter

Marci Whitman