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YouTube For Nonprofits

Marci Whitman


Marci Whitman

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The ways a nonprofit organization can use YouTube are limitless.  No matter what size organization, YouTube has the ability to leverage fundraising campaigns, broaden awareness, increase ticket sales, educate and more…

A few examples from our social media webinar include:

  • Tour of your office (even if you have smaller digs!)
  • Interview a client you serve (be sure you get a waiver to use the video for all promotional means)  One of our clients offers housing counseling records parts of workshops for promos.  They also ask attendees to share the impact their class has in keeping their home, etc.
  • Do you have counselors, trainers, and other staff members you could interview?  They could express who they work with and make a connection.
  • Record your events!  Then you can use parts of the video as a teaser for the next one.  Show a little of the auction area, folks dancing, socializing, laughing, etc.
  • Executive Director Address: Instead of having text to “introduce” your organization have your Executive Director give a short 3-5 minute overview of the organization.  You could then use this video on your website as an intro on the home or about us page.
  • Call-to-action for support.  If your organization needs support for something specific ask in a video.  You can then include the video on Facebook, your website, e-newsletter, etc.  Example:  A client that works with placing animals needed support for foster families and additional outdoor dog runs.  Your words and facial expressions will have a greater impact.
  • Interview a volunteer. Highlighting a volunteer each month gives you an opportunity to show your appreciate.  What you’ll find is the volunteer will want to share the video with friends and family.  As their friends watch the video they’ll also be learning about your organization.
  • Training videos: Another great tool to have on hand when a new volunteer comes on board.  Maybe you want to record a video of your long time volunteers talking about their experience, what type of volunteer opportunities are available, etc.
  • Sponsor highlights: I’m always looking for ways to sweeten sponsorship levels.  Record a video interviewing your sponsors (at certain levels), asking a little about their company, why they support the organization, for how long, etc.  Then you can use this video in your materials, website, etc.  You can provide the link/code so they can share with their customers, include on their site, newsletter, etc.  Now your message is being seen by a new audience.

Keep in mind your video can be used outside of YouTube.  Using the embed code or link option you can include on your website, e-newsletter, Facebook, etc.

When opening an account:

  1. Use your organizations name as the “channel” name.
  2. Once your account is active AND you are logged in go to and apply for nonprofit status.  The added perks include a donate button on your channels page, listing on the nonprofit category, listing on the nonprofit channel and more…

Share with us how your organization is currently or plans to use YouTube.