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Canva Design Support

Need help getting started with Canva? We've got you covered!

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Canva Set Up and Design

Using a designer is preferred but let’s be real, there are times when your team needs a graphic right away. You want the design to be on brand and professional but there’s no time to wait. That’s why Canva is quickly becoming a favorite tool for many. Canva will become your favorite as well. Canva offers eligible nonprofits a FREE account with all the bells and whistles.

Why Canva? Reality is your staff members are creating materials, social posts, etc., that probably aren’t on brand. They also are likely struggling to create the materials with limited software or design skills. By creating templates in Canva, your organization will be able to keep materials on brand and make it easier for staff to create materials as they need them.

In Canva you can:

Canva brand

Create branded graphics when you need them

Setup your organizations colors, fonts, logo and other elements so everything your team creates is on brand.

Canva template

Get editable templates

Create ready to use templates. Simply change out the text.

Canva on social

Easily resize for multiple platforms

Make edits and resize the design for use in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more…

Ideas for How Your Organization can Use Canva:

Call to Actions

Perhaps your organization is into policy change. Use a branded graphic to prompt calls to legislators, announce passing of a new bill, petitions, etc.

Fundraising Campaigns

especially those tied to a particular timeframe such as Give Tuesday or your states “Gives Day”. Use the infographics built into Canva to show money raised as a visual.

Awareness Campaigns

Create a series of graphics with the same look but share facts, or resources in your community.


We all learned the need for flexibility when addressing Covid closures, mask requirements, etc.

Job announcements or new hires

Add a graphic announcing your job openings and announce new hires to your followers.

Slide Deck Templates

Create more dynamic slide decks, proposals, sponsorship packets, etc.

The list goes on. Having templates in Canva will support your need for speed and your organizations need for consistent branding.

Disclaimer: Our designers here at Boomerang have embraced Canva. We are not suggesting Canva is meant to replace your designer {or us}. You’ll still want to collaborate for those well thought out annual reports, brochures and other collateral pieces. 😀


Canva Brand Kit includes everything
you need to get started

What’s Included in your Canva Brand Kit:

  • Import all versions of your logo
  • Configure colors and fonts
  • Custom branded elements
  • 2 Facebook Post Templates
  • 1 Facebook Cover Image Template
  • 2 Instagram Templates
  • Staff training on USING Canva.

Starting at $550

Sample Facebook post templates in Canva for You Have the Right.
Staff can easily change the text and photo in each version. There are currently over 20+ variations of these two graphics.

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