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Your Website Needs Some ❤️

Marci Whitman


Marci Whitman

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Your website is likely the virtual heart of your organization. So why not give it some love by updating content and ensuring it’s healthy? Here are a few suggestions to show your site some .

Update website footer – Let’s start easy. Did you remember to update the copyright year to include 2023?

Change home page appearance – Perhaps you change the large (hero) image on your home page infrequently. A new image is an easy way to refresh the page for visitors.

Perform maintenance – Keeping your websites plugins and platform updated is critical to the security and operation of a site. Ideally, you’d be doing this monthly at a minimum.

Accessibility of your site – Website accessibility ensures all visitors can navigate and use your site. Things such as using Alt Tags, making navigation and content visible to screen readers, use of contrast, forms, etc., all fall under this category. In the coming months, we plan to share more about accessibility and actions you can take. Several online tools will provide a report of your site’s accessibility and suggested improvements.

Post a new blog – Blogs can help with your organic search ranking, as well as feature your expertise and impacts. If you dislike writing, consider doing a video or podcast.

Update your donate page  – Give your donate page some love by updating the impacts from 2022, add a photo of your clients (remember to get a photo waiver), and include a story with your ask.

What other ways can you think of to show your website some love? Share with us on Facebook, comment on this blog post, or email us.

Marci Whitman

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