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Cameron Holland Website

From Tragedy to Charity

Cameron Holland Scholarship

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The Client

Cameron Holland Scholarship

The founders of the Cameron Holland Scholarship reached out to us to create a website telling Cameron’s story, further their fundraising mission, and highlight their scholarship award to deserving students.

  • WordPress website with WP Bakery for easy editing
  • Tie-in website with #clickitforcam campaign
  • Drive traffic to online store
  • Page for scholarship recipients


→ Fundraising News

A page for keeping users informed about events, income, and stories.

→ Awardees Page

A page explaining the scholarship criteria and including the past scholarship recipients.

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Capable, competent, honest, patient, experienced, professional, responsive, effective, multitalented.

Where do I start to communicate my high regard for this organization? I guess I’ll just tell my story.

Our family wanted a website to honor our son, brother, grandson, that passed away in a car accident at the age of 17 in 2019.

We had started a scholarship in his name that by all measurements was and is very successful. We received many inquiries about how to donate to the scholarship fund. There became other endeavors that we wanted to communicate as well. I started looking for methods to develop a website. I had a technology career background, but had no interest in learning how to develop a website, and it’s more complicated than just throwing some technology together.

I started searching for an organization to help. Ha, what an eye opener that was. If I got a call back (seldom), I was underwhelmed with the services offered. Very impersonal, very rushed. I wanted help with all of the components; design, development, content, and hosting services. I got pretty discouraged. I started asking business organizations how they successfully launched a website. And, voila, someone suggested Boomerang Marketing! I sent them an email describing my desires and Marci Whitman responded, suggesting we set up a telephone call to discuss my requirements.

We completed that initial call. Marci was excellent. She absorbed my desires and requirements. She answered my questions directly and explained how we would accomplish all the tasks from A to Z. Additionally, without delay, she sent me an estimate to complete the project. She included her tasks and responsibilities and my tasks and responsibilities. She recommended website names, a hosting firm and a timeline. All very simple and understandable from a task standpoint and a cost standpoint.

And so, we began. I sent her the content; I started my tasks of securing the URL (website name) interfacing with the hosting company. Then the dreaded review. Dreaded because I had significant changes to the content. Not just a few pictures and text to add, but significant structural and content changes. Marci and the Boomerang staff were so good. They never once got frustrated or angry, they didn’t even threaten to fire me like they should have. They took it all in stride. They added the content, made structural recommendations, and kept working until I was satisfied.

We got to the website launch date very near what Marci had laid out originally, even though I threw a few curveballs their way. We launched the website and sent the link to a few folks to “test drive” the website. We received rave reviews from everyone. We have since made a few changes, and have communicated the website existence to a broader audience.

This is a good spot to express another intangible skill that Boomerang possesses and delivers. A website design is content and technology merged to deliver a desired result. Another aspect is the experience and capabilities of the website designer to understand the “vision” from the audience point of view and make suggestions and develop the product to best achieve that positive experience. Boomerang brings that skill. This is an important part of the process.

Finally, the words I would use to define Boomerang Marketing: (In my opinion, these words almost have become cliches, and that is why I didn’t start with these words. In this case, they describe my view of this organization). Capable, competent, honest, patient, experienced, professional, responsive, effective, multitalented.

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Bob, Cameron Holland Scholarship
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