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Make your website accessible to all

Boomerang's new accessibility solutions allow for automated integration across all pages and sites. Our solution will fix accessibility issues and provide a detailed report of all issues fixed, while leaving your site unchanged.

In 2020, over 2,500 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Title III website accessibility lawsuits filed in federal courts. This represented a 12% increase from 2019. (Seyfarth, 2021)

Get an Accessibility Statement.

Declare your website is compliant.

With Boomerang Accessibility, your website gets a Statement of Compliance with the WCAG and ADA standards. Generate the Statement after all accessibility issues are addressed. Declare to the world that you are compliant with the globally recognized standards of Accessibility.

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Activate Boomerang Accessibility from the Dashboard

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Let the AI technology scan and fix poorly accessible parts of your website

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The AI will monitor existing and future site and pages 24/7

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Generate an Accessibility Statement and showcase your accessibility status


Accessibility Statement


Accessibility Functions

Customized for each individual user on your site based on their unique accessibility needs.


Supported Languages

Instant page translations of +40 languages. Ensure accessibility, no matter what language your users speak.

accessibility widget

One-of-a-kind widget – special for each website

Customize the accessibility widget to cater it to the needs that prevail at your organization. Style the widget to match your company brand guidelines.


Users are now able to use voice commands to navigate. Non-standard speech included.

voice navigation


Administering accessibility becomes easier from a single dashboard optimized for desktop.

Single Sign-On

Safer logging in and better access control for your organization.

personalized home screen

Personalized home screen

Allows every user to keep their widget organized and serve their individual needs. Rearrange the widget interface buttons automatically based on usage patterns.

Live Translations
and Dictionary

Users can now translate pages in one click, as well as use the on-page dictionary for better reading comprehension.


Boomerang Accessibility puts
your website users in control


All features listed above – inside your gorgeous website.

Get Started Today

Ignite your vision. Install Boomerang Accessibility directly on your site, or play in sandbox mode. No credit card required.


Accessibility Widget

$59 / month

or $590 / year

Price Per Website. Discounts available for Multiple Websites.

  • Full robust accessibility widget (100+ features)
  • More than 90% + WCAG & ADA compliance
  • Accessibility statement
  • $10k guarantee

*Translation of widget/website Add-on available

One-Time Set Up


WAIVED for Nonprofit Organizations

  • Full widget setup
  • Site review, page by page
  • Manual overrides and adjustments
  • Updating your website’s Privacy Policy
  • Accessibility Statement