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Volunteerism: The Power of a Partnership that Benefits All!

Marci Whitman


Marci Whitman

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The Holidays seem to be the most popular time to volunteer. It seems to be the trend around Thanksgiving all the way through the new year to give your time to help serve others, get involved in your community, and help spread the mission of an organization you believe in. However, there are many other benefits to volunteering that you might not have thought about year-round, not just around the holidays.

First, there is the feeling. The warm, “ooey-gooey” satisfied feeling you get by helping others. Whether it is answering phones in the office of a non-profit organization or walking dogs at your local humane society, all of these can be rewarding because of the unique, rewarding mission that the organization stands for. Your experience, while giving others a reason to smile, warms your heart and can even change your outlook on life, turning you to remembering what is most important: friends and family.

The second, and most overlooked, benefit to volunteering is how much experience you can gain, in an employment sense. Volunteering is usually overlooked as a resume builder because most of us see it as a non-paid, and therefore classified as a “non-job”. However, you must remember that quite simply: Experience is experience. The most beneficial thing you can add to your resume is your volunteer experience because it was something you were passionate about and enjoyed. What is better to include than something you choose and excelled at because you were so driven about what you were doing?

Working with a long list of non-profits, Boomerang has seen the impact that volunteers have on the non-profit sector. Their passion and dedication fuel the organization and help market every event, conference, and partnership they are apart of. Focusing on how to empower and utilize your volunteers can even be the key to the best marketing technique for every non-profit organization.  With their continued dedication and passion, volunteers help spread the mission of each non-profit to their colleagues, family and friends. Thus, the relationship between you and the non-profit organization is equally beneficial.

So lets recap the benefits of volunteerism for BOTH non-profit organizations and the volunteer:

1.    The “ooey-gooey” amazing, rewarding feeling you get

2.    A resume builder. Remember: Experience is Experience!

3.    Volunteers are the BEST marketing technique for non-profits to spread their message because of their passion for your mission

There are hundreds of non-profits in Colorado alone and all of them have a unique mission. There is no excuse why you should not be volunteering all year round with one or numerous organizations that fit your beliefs or career goals or both!

Fit a small or even big amount of your time into volunteering! We promise you it will be equally beneficial for you and the non-profit organization inside and out.

Visit our “Non-profits” tab on our website to see the list of non-profits we work with that would love to have you as apart of their team!: