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Using Googles New “Post” Feature

Marci Whitman


Marci Whitman

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2 minutes


Google recently added a new feature to their Google My Business program that’s gaining momentum. The feature allows you to add an image and brief blurb to your Google Listing.  It’s one of those you think, “why didn’t they do this sooner”?  Plus, it’s really easy to implement and once you do Google will send friendly reminders to keep updating the content.  Let’s take a look at how to do this for one of our amazing nonprofit clients, The Reentry Initiative.

{If you haven’t yet created a Google My Business listing, get on that first. Click here to get started}


Step 1: Login to your Google My Business Account


Step 2: Your screen will look something like this:


Step 3: Click on “Create Post”
In the window, you’ll be able to add a photo, which admittedly takes trial and error on the proper dimensions.  We found images at 500px x 374px worked well. Add your text up to 300 words and you can include a button. Using the button allows you to identify a specific page of your site visitors will go to.


Step 4: You’ll see your post content and make changes.  When you are ready, click “Preview” to see how your new post will display and “Publish” to save.  Your post will start running within minutes of being published.


Step 5: Check your Live Google Listing:
When you have published your new post got to Google to see your listing.  Type your company/organization name into the search bar.  You should see the post on the right side.


Wondering how you’d use this feature? Let’s do a little brainstorming…

  • Promote a product each week and link directly to your shopping cart
  • Highlight projects from your portfolio {wedding photographers, designers, decorators}
  • Feature a report or publication and link direct to the download page
  • Promote consultations with link to your appointment calendar
  • Promote an upcoming training, conference, etc.
  • Restaurants could change out weekly specials
  • Nonprofit organizations can highlight a service, impact in the community, upcoming event, wish list, fundraising effort, etc.,

What ideas do you have? Share them with us and include your company name so we can check out your new post on Google My Business.

Marci Whitman