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The Silent Message Your Business Card Gives

Marci Whitman


Marci Whitman

Estimated Reading Time

2 minutes


The networking event you just arrived at is full, you realize you grabbed just a handful of cards so back to the car you go.  Once back inside you start handing out cards and notice the face of the person you are talking to change.  What happened?  It’s the silent message your business card gives.

First time business owners or those trying to cut back on expenses resort to printing their cards off the home printer or used a template from an online printer.  You can pinpoint the home printed cards.  The colors are usually washed out, the black text may start to look gray and oops… the edge was ripped when following the Avery Perf line.

I was at an event a few weeks ago and received two cards that looked identical!  Same exact design!  (apologize for the double exclamation, just driving home the point).  The two individuals offered completely different services but their cards were the same.  Why?  They used a stock design from VistaPrint, saved money but sent a “silent message” to me.

DIY cards may have cost savings, but with that is the presentation you give about your company.  When I see a card especially in the trades (Plumbers, tree trimmer, etc.) I instantly wonder if this is a fly-by-the-night company, will they be around in a few months?  A template doesn’t create an identity (brand).   Instead of presenting an obstacle for your business, take the time to create a business card this is unique, presents a stable and professional appearance, and clearly showcases your offerings.

Action Steps:

  1. Fan through the stack of cards on your desk and pinpoint the cards that are a template?
  2. Look at your card, what message is being communicated?  Is a change in order?