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The Importance of a Tracking System in Marketing

Marci Whitman


Marci Whitman

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The Importance of a Tracking System in Marketing

The importance of a tracking system cannot be overemphasized to anybody involved in marketing or selling – and that applies to practically all businesses. Without a tracking system you will be unable to tell where most of your business originates, and will also be unable to test the effect of changes in your marketing strategies.

Take a simple example which we came across recently. A client was convinced that they were receiving no business through their website, and that most inquiries originated from Yellow Pages. We identified four sources from which calls could originate, and had the dispatcher make a note of which calls or inquiries came from which source.  The result was very illuminating to our client.

The majority of responses came from the website and least from Yellow Pages – vehicle signage was second and an advert in the local community press was third. This indicated to our client the importance of a tracking system in marketing, because they had no idea where their inquiries were coming from and were likely spending most money on the least profitable marketing technique.

If that’s you, then it is critically important to your advertising and marketing that you track everything. By doing that, you will then be able to make minor changes to adverts, to web pages and to vehicle signs in order to maximize the volume of responses to each form of marketing.

If you fail to track your responses, then you will never know which of your marketing campaigns are successful and which are not. You could be spending money on adverts that are not bringing a single inquiry, yet starving your most potentially profitable sources of cash.