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Social Media – Quality Still Applies

Marci Whitman


Marci Whitman

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It seems that many have forgotten that the rules of marketing still apply to social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.). You hear the gimmicks, pleads and campaigns to help us “reach 1,000 followers” or “reach 1,000,000 followers” While this may be exciting in the moment it will wear off and leave you with little. For the celebrity pushing the counter is one thing, when it comes to your business or organization not so much.

Instead focus on Quality of content and followers as opposed to quantity. You can have a million followers but if they aren’t really interested in your content or help to spread the word about your offering what value is there? If they aren’t your target market are you reaching your marketing goals?

When you apply the same focus you give other marketing activities you’ll see the return in social media. As you grow in social media remember quality will get your further than quantity.

Share your success with social media. Have you gained business? Brought in new donors or sponsorships? Have you received media coverage?

Marci Whitman

1 thought on “Social Media – Quality Still Applies”

  1. Sharing a few of our successes:

    : We’ve connected with several nonprofit organizations here in CO. At a recent trade show those following us identified us right away at our booth and brought folks over.

    : Just two weeks ago a follower came to us for web design.

    : Trade show display coordination

    : Printing of name badges

    : Attendees for our Twitter-Riffic Webinar

    : Coaching client from TX

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