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Sign Spinners – Do you look?

Marci Whitman


Marci Whitman

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Chances are you’ve caught a sign spinner during your daily commute. Ah, but I drive past one that absolutely loves his job! This guy is probably 18-20 years old, full of creativity, and a bubbly personality. The company that hired this guy hit the jackpot. I’ve chuckled at his moves, been awed by how he holds the sign and gets jazzed by honking cars as they roll by.

I can tell you I remember the company’s name and tagline from the sign which shows some part of their strategy is working. I decided I wanted to see if the company would share how the campaign has worked for them. So… while at the light yesterday I called the number. At first, the “gatekeeper” thought I was nuts and just another sales call.

In talking with the representative I picked up the following:
:: At first the phone didn’t ring. They discovered after going through a lot of sign spinners you need the spunky person to get response.
:: They also found the square sign with just text and phone number worked better than a shape.
:: Location is key! They tried several intersections and looked at the time lapse between light changes – wow, that’s a great idea.
:: Time of the day was a factor – they run 7-10am and 4-7pm M-F. Weekends vary.

When I asked how the response has been I was told we added two additional locations and have been doing this for over a year. Sorry no numbers.

Do you look at the spunky sign spinners as you pass by? What was the most creative sign or move you’ve seen?

Marci Whitman

2 thoughts on “Sign Spinners – Do you look?”

    • Carla,

      Yes in deed. He could make a business out of training other sign spinners. Thanks for posting on our blog. Always great to see a local jump on.

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