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Pull Ahead in a Slower Economy

Marci Whitman


Marci Whitman

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Here are a few things you can do to pull ahead during slower times:

  1. Change the way you offer your product/service.  If you aren’t currently offering packages or grouping items consider doing that.  Psychology plays a role in marketing and folks will see a “bigger bang for the buck” with packages.  Packages or groupings look like you get more than when purchased separately.
  2. Offer more!  Get your suppliers/vendors in on this one if you can.  Make an offer like “f*r*e*e carrying case with purchase of a banner stand.  F*r*e*e digitizing with orders over $100.   Pickup the shipping tab on orders of a certain size.
  3. Look at your competitors… and do it better!  I’ll use our company as an example.  Most of our competitors have scaled back their marketing (terrible idea), put all their eggs in one basket of clients who are now switching to other companies or cut marketing from their budget.  The end result is that our competitors are hurting.  We see that as a red carpet invite!  Because we have increased our mail, email and phone calls, we are growing and capturing their clients.  We are educating their clients on the need to continue marketing at some level to pull ahead.  You need to do the same for your business.
  4. Spend wisely. Before you run out and create a new campaign, consider where you will be able to stretch your dollars to reach the greatest number of people.  Consider an email series as opposed to mailings.  If you are traditionally a catalog based company, look at using software to offer your catalog online and drive people to your site with an offer/discount.
  5. Chase the media. Turn to public relations for coverage on your service or product.  Distribute press releases, write articles, give free tidbits, etc.

To successfully pull through the slow times you need to stay focused and create a plan to stop the pinch.  Now is your chance to benefit from our bank of ideas to market your business.