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Creative Ideas Make Prospecting a Barrel of Fun

Marci Whitman


Marci Whitman

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Last month we launched a new marketing campaign for the Chinese New Year. Turns out our recipients are having a lot of fun with their special delivery. A few have asked how it came together.  Let’s break it down…Barrelofmonkeycampaign

Begins with an Idea
We started talking about an idea for February instead of sending a holiday card or gift.  Nothing against the holidays, I’m the girl with a sign on her door, “If I had any more Christmas cheer I would be spittin’ tinsel.”

Three things held true.

  1. The campaign needed to be fun if not nostalgic.
  2. Whatever we mailed it would be in a box.
  3. The recipient would keep the item and or find multiple uses in their office.

Realizing three of us at Boomerang were born in monkey years we started brainstorming.  It didn’t take long to think of the game barrel of monkeys.

How it came together
Lucky for us we have access to thousands and thousands of promotional products.  Sure enough, one of our vendors had the barrel of monkeys.  Score!

Our design guru gets the credit for making this campaign fun.  The monkey he drew makes this piece engaging.  We also wanted to have fun with the copy and give a call to action.  Here’s what we said:

Creative communications in 2016 is more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Shake out the monkeys, link all 12 (without dropping one) then swing over to to see a few of our
website and branding success stories.

Enough monkeying around – our team is a barrel of fun and ready to “link up” with you on your upcoming projects.

Here are the components we created:

  • Large hero image for our websiteIMG_3965
  • One silly monkey hanging from our logo.  Used on return address labels, website and for a short time in our signature lines.
  • Facebook Cover Art + Facebook wall graphic.
  • Twitter card
  • Folded note card for box
  • Label for the barrel

Deciding who received the barrel of fun
Warning, marketing geek about to show through.  When I work with coaching clients, we go through an exercise called the group of 20.  The “group of 20” includes your top prospective clients you want to work with.  These prospects take a bit more effort to get as clients.  Maybe multiple layers of decision makers, gatekeepers, etc.

Next, we added about 50 additional names to the prospect list.  Including folks we’ve recently been in touch with, completed RFP’s for or timing hasn’t worked out to partner.

Lastly, we identified 50 clients.  50 might seem like a low number, but we do several client keeping in touch campaigns throughout the year.  Another fun example is in September we deliver baskets of fresh peaches from Palisades, CO to clients.

Small run + Assembly required
Projects like this are an excellent option for small businesses or nonprofit campaigns because the quantity is ideal for a digital printer, many promotional products have a 150-200 minimum order, and you can distribute in-house.

Our conference room was taken over by boxes and boxes of barrels, white stuffing (big thanks to our cleaning crew for picking up after us) and a lot of labels.  Everything was assembled within a weekend and out the door.

Share with us fun prospecting campaigns you’ve done or received.