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Know Your Audience When Advertising

Marci Whitman


Marci Whitman

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I have a nightly ritual of drinking a cup of coffee and watching the Dave Ramsey show on Fox News (10 pm MTN).  Love this show and Dave’s tips on getting and staying out of debt.

If you are a regular viewer or have jumped on board you know that Dave is not a fan of debt consolidation programs and frankly, he strongly discourages the use of them.  So… for the past few weeks I’m been surprised to see commercials during his show for a national debt consolidation company.  Now, I’m sure someone in the marketing department for this company thinks, “What a perfect time slot.  To be on with a host that talks about nothing but debt.”

Big mistake!  If I’m sitting there nightly as a loyal viewer there’s no way I’m going to respond to their offer.

The lesson here… know your audience.  The marketing department made an “assumption” that this was the right audience.  By simply checking into the show or better yet watching a few segments they’d know what a bad idea it is to advertise during this shows time slot.

Do you disagree?  Share your thoughts with us.

1 thought on “Know Your Audience When Advertising”

  1. perhaps it is the perfect place for the debt consolidation place to advertise because some folks watching may disagree… i digress, knowing your audience is huge and can make or break a campaign that you spend plenty of money and time in creating!

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