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Is Technology Helping You Market Your Company?

Marci Whitman


Marci Whitman

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I must confess that technology is one of my favorite things.  I am addicted to email, live on my cell phone, spend a lot of time listening to podcasts and everything else out there.  Even when technology seems to run our life I can see the potential to make my business grow.

In this months e-newsletter we explored several ways you can use technology.  Have a look and share with me how your company is using technology.  Or, do you have a question on one of the items recommended?

Business Card Discs – A
superior way to showcase your
portfolio, provide a white paper, demo and so much more.  These small
business card size discs play in a computer and can hold a lot of
information.   You can slide a business card into the sleeve and either
print one color or full color on the actual disc.


On-line Video – Technology
is making it easier to get creative in how you communicate your
message.  Many companies are utilizing on-line videos to showcase their
operations, tour facilities, create demos on how to assemble a product,
virtual trainings, pod-casts, and more.  For very little you can create
a unique marketing tool for your website, to distribute on CD or a
link that you give out.  Go on become the Director of your production!

Testimonials in your clients voice – Your clients are a big asset to your marketing – use them!  Audio
is a great new tool right out of Colorado.  This tool makes it possible
to have your customers record a testimonial in
their own voice to post on your website.  You can also use the audio
file to load on your new business discs.  To learn more visit Audio

Informative Pop-up – Using
pop-up’s on your website can be useful in capturing email addresses,
advising of special offers, new products, specials on shipping rates,
and “wait, don’t go” messages. is doing a fantastic job
making it easy for you and I to add this function to our site.  You can
select from various templates, add the code to your site and change
as frequently as you need.  And, the tool allows for some statistical
tracking.  Visit them at

Email Newsletter – At
the end of every day I am amazed to see how many new subscribers we
have to our monthly
e-newsletter.  If your company or organization still has not created
some form of communication with your customers on-line you are missing
out!  And, you can bet that your competition has.  E-zone is a tool you
need in your marketing arsenal.  Give it a test drive by
calling today for a 20-minute demo.

Auto Responders – There
are many software programs and online resources (including our very own
E-zone system) that will send out automatic email messages based on a
trigger.  Let’s say that someone requests a PDF brochure by filling out
online form.  Upon submitting that they receive an email automatically
with the info.  No more snail mail, no more time out of your
day.  If you’d like to learn more, give us a call.

Automate your greeting cards –
will they think of next?  We utilize an
on-line service called Send Out Cards which is truly amazing!  This
service has thousands of cards to select from on their site.  You pick
the card, type your message and they print it, stamp it and mail it the
same day.  And, you can program the system to send birthday,
anniversary, and keep in touch cards automatically.  We highly
recommend this tool as a part of your 90-day no contact campaigns.

Interested in a live demo with one of the  most helpful representatives
you can find?  Give Vonda Downs a call at (303) 684-9186. You can
also visit her website but the tour is great and she’ll let you send
out a card to test drive the system. 


Click here to see her site.

If you aren’t familiar with 90-day no contacts – we need to talk!