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Home Service Providers – Are You Ready for Spring?

Marci Whitman


Marci Whitman

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For many home service providers (lawn & tree care, heating/air, etc.) Spring is a busy time of the year. If your business falls into this category be sure you read this post.

Over the years I’ve found most home service providers miss out on the opportunity to capture business because they aren’t proactive. Instead of waiting for customers to call you for service they need, try calling them first. Here are a few examples:

Lawn Care – Call all your previous customers (2009 & 2008) keep the call low-pressure. Say something like… “Spring is just around the corner and after the cold we’ve had I bet you are ready for it. Jim, (or your customers name) we are booking now for spring aeration, fertilizing ______. We’d also like to extend $10 off (or better yet offer an add on service instead) I’ll put you in the schedule for the first week in March pending Colorado Weather of course.

Tree Care – Even better time to call is right now. The news channels are already doing half of your job for you. How? They are talking about the March storms and the broken limbs that follow. Be proactive and call your past customers. Remind them about the Spring storms and how giving their tree a good trim before the storm hits will save them hundreds on trimming and insurance claims.

Heating/Air Providers – Early bookings for air conditioners both install and prep. Now I know February may be a bit early but if you aren’t thinking about timing and your campaign now you’ll miss the opportunity.

These are just a few examples of how home service providers can get a jump on the season. While you might not be thrilled with the idea of picking up the phone consider these facts:

Chances are your customer has misplaced your number – so they aren’t calling you
Your competitors are smart and will be calling your customer
People are busy and generally appreciate reminders. Your dentist doesn’t waste a second to get you booked for a 6 month checkup – right?
Being proactive and booking in advance will help with cash flow while you work on other marketing activities to bring in new business.

Are you a service provider who currently calls their clients ahead of time? What are the results you see?