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Great source for making cold calls

Marci Whitman


Marci Whitman

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Do you struggle to find the time to make cold calls?

Do you fear the phone and stray from making cold calls?

Do you have a sales team and need to fill their schedule?

Have we got the solution for you!  Lynx Marketing, LLC will make the calls for you.  All you need to provide is the calling lists and calling script.  If you aren’t sure what you want to say, the Lynx team can craft a script for you.

Here’s a few ways we recommend using Lynx Marketing or any other outsourced calling firm:

  • Prospecting calls – find new customers, setting appointments for you or your sales team.
  • Trade show invites – calls to a trade show attendees to stop by your booth, enter to wins, etc.
  • Direct Mail Campaign – Call to follow-up on a mailing you did either of a unique dimensional item, catalog, postcard, etc.
  • Fundraising – Increase attendance at fundraising functions, sell tickets, or reminders for an event.  Additionally, you can use this type of service to make calls to potential sponsors.
  • Misc. Events – sales events, galas, client appreciation dinners, open house and seminars are good reasons to use a calling service.

Lynx Marketing, LLC is based in Colorado and can work with you to craft the perfect calling campaign.  Plus, you’ll be attracting new customers, booking your team solid and brining in more sales!  All for a great price and without increasing your staff.

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1 thought on “Great source for making cold calls”

  1. Absolutely! The response has been amazing!! In todays workplace we have found that if the business owner is actually making their own prospecting calls that it’s most likely a new business and they are forced to be everything to everyone.
    Most of our clients are businesses that have a business owner who is too busy actually running their business and putting out fires to make the necessary prospecting calls to keep their pipelines full. Even if they have a sales force, Lynx will make the phone calls and work with their sales force to increase revenue. This is a much more efficient way to keep your sales force in the field closing accounts and not sitting in the office digging up prospects. Lynx will dig them up and pass them onto your sales team.
    When working with Lynx Marketing we will customize your calls to your business. We do recommend that the Customer Satisfaction Survey calls be conducted as a 3rd party making the calls. You will find that the answers we receive will be far more honest and constructive when your customers know their responses are kept anonymous. Honest answers are what you need to make the necessary improvements to your business.

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