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Do You Send a Thank You Letter or Card to Donors?

Marci Whitman


Marci Whitman

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Let me set the stage for this post:

You’ve just hosted a successful fundraising event. Your photographer captured some great shots of guests having a great time, enjoying the music, food, and program. The auctioneer was amazing driving up the bids far exceeding your anticipation. As folks were leaving everyone had smiles on their face and expressed how much they enjoyed the evening.

Back at the office you prepare to send the traditional thank you letter to everyone who came, sponsored, or donated to the silent auction. What if instead of a letter you sent a custom greeting card reminding them of the evening? Would you rather receive a template letter or a card?

Using Send Out Cards you can make a greater impact. Send Out Cards is an online greeting card store that you upload a photo, type a message, hit send and they take care of printing, stuffing, licking the stamp (probably not that) and mailing.

Bonus: You can split out your list into guests, sponsors, silent auction donors and committee members sending a unique card to each group. The system offers custom fields to include donation amount, tax information, etc.

Once you factor the cost of letterhead, envelope, employee stuffing envelopes, stamps and delivery to the Post Office I assure you the cost is equal.

If you are interested in exploring Send Out Cards I’d recommend Vonda Downs. She’s an amazing women, gives back to the community and would be glad to have you send a free card to give the system a try. You can reach Vonda a variety of ways:
Vonda Downs

Here’s a short summary of what you can do after your next event:
Guests: Take one of the photos showcasing the group either enjoying cocktails or while sitting for the program. Use as cover shot. Then craft a short message including placeholders for donation amount, etc. Send that card to only guests.

Sponsors: A few choices here, you can take a photo of the guests at their table, their logo on the big screen, etc. Then thank them for their support. This will remind them how critical their support was to the event and make a lasting impression, preparing the slate for next year. (Heck, you could even send them the card next year just before making the call to “ask” for their support.

Silent Auction Donors: Have your photographer start the evening by taking a photo of their donation on the table. Or, during the auction bidding have your photographer take a few photos of folks bidding. Then use this photo on their thank you cards.