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Disney On Ice Extends the Experience

Marci Whitman


Marci Whitman

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My family recently attended the Disney On Ice show in Denver.  Today, I was so surprised to receive a follow-up email from the organization reminding me of my “magical time.”  The email is probably one of the lowest cost items in their budget yet truly made an impact.  The email which I’ve included is personalized to my family and referenced the show we saw.

You too can make this impact on customers.  Though to some this email might seem like it was individually sent and someone took the time to send it.  But, truth is the email was sent through the use of technology – an email distribution tool.

Boomerang Marketing offers this very tool called EZone, an email marketing tool that is stylish and easy to use.

Think about your business and the use for personalized emails.  Here’s just a few ways we recommend using programmed emails:

  • Thank clients for a recent purchase.
  • If your product/service is renewed, replenished, etc., consider sending email reminders to order. (Memberships, reorder business cards, dental cleaning, eye doctor, oil change reminders, etc.)
  • Send a survey to customers about their recent purchase.
  • Make recommendation of an add-on product or service based on recent purchase.
  • Send tips on using a product or service.
Marci Whitman
Marci Whitman