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Can Canva help you? Yes, it can.




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It’s 7PM. Your organization just got great news — and you want to announce it on social media ASAP. You want it to look professional, but we’re not open at 7PM. What do you do?

You log into Canva, and use one of the on-brand templates we’ve created for you!

What is Canva — and how do we use it to help our clients?

Canva is a user-friendly online graphic design platform. While it’s not a replacement for great design, it’s certainly a helpful tool. Canva is template-driven, and by creating customized, branded templates for the things our clients use most often, it gives our clients the design-power they need to move quickly at mission-critical moments.

In our opinion, Canva rocks! For graphics you need in the moment, or for text-swaps that you don’t need a graphic designer to do, it’s a wonderful tool. Today we’re sharing how we use Canva to help empower organizations.

Our Canva templates can help you when…

You have something timely to share — and want it to look professional and on-brand.

Do you want to tell your audience something quickly?

  • Your bill passed
  • Call your senator!
  • The event has been canceled due to rain

Easy-peasy: Log into Canva, find the template, and update the text accordingly.

Canva will enable you to have a professional, on-brand social media post at any time of day or night (because we’ll provide you with branded templates, and you can change the text).

You need to create many versions of the same thing.

Perhaps you’re offering the same event, on many different dates?

Easy-peasy: Log into Canva, find the template, and update the text accordingly.

You can have the best of both worlds. On-brand design, and quick turnaround because you can do it yourself.

You need to create (yet another) slide deck, job announcement, or reminder.

We can set up Canva templates for things like:

  • Social graphics for different campaigns
  • Flier templates
  • Slide deck templates
  • Job announcement templates
  • A reminders template
  • Call to action templates

Easy-peasy: Log into Canva, find the template, and update the text accordingly.

At Boomerang Marketing, we create templates for things you use all the time.

Our Canva Brand Kit includes everything you need to get started.

Like we mentioned, Canva isn’t a replacement for professional design, but it is certainly a useful tool that saves our clients time and money, and allows for greater efficiency.

Our clients love the flexibility and control that our Canva tools give them:

“Whenever we have a new campaign or initiative, Boomerang designs Canva templates for us. We take it from there — which means we can communicate quickly to our audience and make tweaks and changes without needing their help.”

“I was nervous to use Canva, but it’s really easy. Marci showed us how! Now we have a lot more agility.”

“Having the templates at-the-ready means we can share information whenever we want and be assured it aligns with our brand standards.”

Want some Canva templates for your organization?

Schedule an intro call — we’ll talk about what’s possible.

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