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Calling All Retailers – Holiday Marketing

Marci Whitman


Marci Whitman

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65 days til’ XMAS
36 days til’ black Friday

Have you positioned your products/services for the holidays or are you taking the last minute approach. Unlike the last minute gift giving, you can’t take the laid back approach for holiday marketing! Try it and you’ll likely wind up with coal in the register instead of cash.

Every business is different but here are a few ideas for making this holiday season a success:
:: Plan your email campaigns – starting now! Start sending holiday teasers. Plan for at least two campaigns in November.
:: Make sure your website is updated. Add holiday themes, Free Shipping Promos & consider Free Shipping on Returns.
:: Storefronts – get involved in Black Friday madness. Not everyone likes to stand in line at 2:30AM, freezing, and tired. (I do!) Play on this. Say come in from the cold, no lines, serve bagels/donuts and coffee. Hire a group of carolers, offer massage for those worn down. Make it more of an event plus, the longer they stay – the more they’ll buy.
:: Offer specials to your customer base only.
:: Tweet away – daily specials, restocked items, just arrived. The week before XMAS send last minute gift ideas.
:: If your store caters to women then consider emailing a printable wish list they can give to their significant other.

Share your holiday marketing tips with us. Simply hit the word “comment” to share your wisdom (or lessons from the school of hard knocks)

Marci Whitman