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Building Relationships with Your Customers

Marci Whitman


Marci Whitman

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The other day I went to my local car wash and was treated to a complimentary wash.  Why?  A birthday gift.  No, not from a friend or family member but by my local car wash.

First the plug: Xtreme Clean car wash is based out of Thornton, CO and their web address is:

They’ve done a great thing by building a relationship with me.  I know that each year I get a free car wash for my birthday.  This isn’t the cheap in and out this is cleaning inside and out and a $14 value.

Next, they encourage me to visit their website for coupons and exclusive specials.  Yet another savings.

The only way to get this birthday wash is by giving them my information.  No fancy card to carry around, no sticker or decal I have to put in my window just my name, address and birthday.

By extending the free wash and specials to me, they are building loyalty with me.  I then feel great after my visit and tell everyone about their car wash, birthday club, special $2 off coupon, and on….

Thought for the day: What can you do within your own business to encourage loyalty?  Can you extend a special “member” club?

Give your favorite shop, restaurant or business a plug.  Tell us what they do to make you feel special or create a relationship with you.