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Life Courses Inc Annual Report

Life Courses Report Graphic Design

Life Courses, Inc.

LIFE Courses, Inc. wanted an annual report that took more of a digital form. Similar to many nonprofit organizations, LIFE is moving away from printed copies of their annual report. Their board wanted a report that would be easy to use in presentations, display on screens and have elements that could be used in other ways.

The 2016 report is formatted to easily complement PowerPoint dimensions and to include with grant applications.

View the full 2016 LIFE Courses, Inc. annual report.



Sample pages from the 2016 LIFE Courses, Inc. Annual Report. As opposed to burying stats and accomplishments in paragraphs of text, we created infographics for each.  These same elements can be used as individual graphics with the LIFE logo and URL on social media providing six additional graphics for the organization.

Life Courses report pages on tablets

Color Palette