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Your Website Needs Some ❤️

Your website is likely the virtual heart of your organization. So why not give it some love by updating content and ensuring it’s healthy? Here are a few suggestions to show your site some ❤.

Update website footer – Let’s start easy. Did you remember to update the copyright year to include 2023? 

Don’t get hooked by a scammer

Lately, we’ve heard more and more about bogus emails giving the impression your hosting plan or domain name is up for renewal. These emails are clever and oh so believable. In fact, these scammers are going so far as to (they do say personalize emails with your organization name, a contact person, and URL, resulting in hiring engagement and click rates. {Sarcasim but true statement}

Let’s dive deeper into this issue so you and your team can avoid being “hooked.” You receive an email with the subject line something like “Your hosting plan has expired” Agh, you think to yourself because there’s no way you can have your website go down. You quickly click the link and pay the bill. Then in the pit of your stomach, you get this feeling… the feeling like wait, didn’t we renew a few months ago? Oy vy, you’ve had a moment and realize you’ve been scammed. Or worse, your unsuspecting bookkeeper gets a notice via snail mail or email and pays the bill without thinking about it. Now what? Your next steps depend on your scenario but here are a few preventative measures and actions.

Ways to prevent this from happening to you and your organization: