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A New Year, a New Business Card

Marci Whitman


Marci Whitman

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For some a business card is nothing more than a piece of paper with ink, and contact info.

However, a business card can represent so much more! A business card is the start of a business courtship. It’s the first visual impression you give someone.

Your card is more than just contact information. It sets the tone for future dealings. Take, for example, a general contractor and let’s call him Bob (the Builder). Bob hands you a card and proceeds to tell you attention to detail, craftsmanship and only the best products are used on his projects. He talks about a recent kitchen remodel with custom cabinets, a unique tile pattern and total transformation. You look down at his card and see perforated edges, ink streaks from an almost empty toner cartridge, and an email address for

My first impression and thoughts: Attention to detail is up for question based on the card. Let me see this amazing before/after on the back of your card. I’m a visual person, show me don’t tell me. AOL for a business address?

My impression of Bob: Bob is just starting out, a hobby business, is going to cut his teeth on my project, not be dependable, hard to reach, maybe he won’t even be around to warranty the project.

How can Bob improve this first impression?

1. Invest in his branding and business card. Bob expects homeowners to invest $20,000 and more with him. The least he can do is spend a few hundred on his own image. Be proud Bob!

2. Get a domain name and business email address.

3. Use the back side for a before/after photo

4. Incorporate a QR code, which will create interaction with individuals. A QR code for Bob can link to a landing page on his site showing the before/after. Maybe a video tour. What makes Bob different? Maybe it’s all his crew is trained in minimizing debris, not running multiple jobs. I know a GC that installs a webcam on new home-builds so the owner can watch the house take shape.

5. Make an offer, give em’ something and put skin in the game. Creating simple tip reports, how-to guide’s e-courses, checklists, resources all are great ways to show your expertise and nurture prospective customers. You give them something and you get their email address. Now, you can respectfully (don’t become the evil spammer) email them, be supportive in their decision to remodel, build, etc.

SO: Look at your business cards. What’s the first impression folks get about your business? Is it time to rethink the look and content on your card?