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A Missed Opportunity

Marci Whitman


Marci Whitman

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I normally don’t call companies out on the carpet – by name that is. This time it was too great of an example of missed opportunities.

Last week I was in Nashville and stayed at the Holiday Inn Select Downtown.  Beautiful hotel, comfy beds, great view, friendly shuttle drivers and truly pleasant staff.  I came home from my trip and even made note to write a note to the GM about my experience.  Before I could get to that letter I received an email that said “Thank you for staying with us.”

Perfect, or so I thought.  Instantly upon seeing the subject line I thought for sure the hotel was sending me a thank you email and going to ask me to complete a survey.  Then I could add my “kudos” and check that off my list.

See the email I received was only a short thanks for staying.  The Brand Manager missed the opportunity for me to share how wonderful I thought there hotel was.  That I wouldn’t skip a beat to recommend their diggs and to get a raving testimony they could pass on to groups, put on their website, etc.

What was also missed is what could have made someone’s stay even better.  How the guest found out about the hotel (what advertising worked), how many times per year do they travel and maybe more specifically to Nashville, etc.,  All information that could either expand or improve current offerings.

The crazy thing is that technology has made online surveys so simple it’s crazy not to use them.

Here’s a few things to check into:

  • Easiest survey tool out there & in some cases is FREE =
  • Check with your email blast provider and see if they offer survey functionality
  • Go online and do a simple search for online survey providers and find one that fits the program

No matter what surveys should be incorporated into your overall marketing activity.  If you aren’t sure what to ask or how to get rolling seek out the support of a marketing coach and or give us a shout.