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Phonebook vs. Online Directories

Marci Whitman


Marci Whitman

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The rising cost of yellow page advertising can keep many small businesses out.  However, consider another option – on-line directories.  Many consumers and businesses are throwing out their big bulky phone books and turning to the Internet. 

Keep the minimum of a line listing in your phone book so you aren’t out of the book entirely.  Then contact your on-line directory provider (here it’s and find out the rates to be on-line.  You’ll find the price to be a fraction of the traditional book and you can provide a link to your site, key facts about your company, and run a promotion.

My word of caution: flag your day timer or palm pilot to check once a month that your ad is still there.  I’ve personally experience the "technology glitch" and my ad stopped appearing.  As with any of your marketing you should be checking that it runs, is accurate and produces.